The Fourcast

When Time-Turners Fail

April 21, 2011

Kay offers alternate ways to fit reading into the schedule “Twitter means the end of the novel!” “The internet has destroyed our attention spans!” “Today’s children don’t read books!” We’ve all heard these apocal...

Staff Stance: Home Economics vs. Feminis – An Uneasy Union

February 24, 2011

Ask a Hockadaisy to graph the inverse of any given function and she won’t have a problem, but ask one to hem her skirt or change a flat tire and she will likely return nothing more than a bewildered stare. For a school that sit...

Rethinking the JRP

February 23, 2011

After writing the notorious junior research paper, junior Megan says, “It’s not so bad” JRP:a noun, a verb, an acronym for the Junior Research Paper; or, the most common meaning, the worst part of the year for Hockaday Juni...

The Upside of Exams

The Upside of Exams

January 23, 2011

The official student newspaper of the Hockaday School