The Fourcast

The Anatomy of a Hipster

April 21, 2011

Junior Claire provides insight into the hipster revolution They are everywhere and they are nowhere (because being everywhere is so mainstream). They have feathers in their hair because it shows how free-spirited they are, and they...

DART Disappoints Native Australian

April 21, 2011

ARRIVAL Dallas DART train approaches the stop.   As an Australian and native Melbournian, I am completely at ease with Melbourne’s public transport system, the Metro.  A city famous for its trams, Melbourne boasts a rather comprehensive public...

School Daze

April 21, 2011

Sophomore Annabel advocates for a renewal of passion in education As I reflect on my  years in school, I notice the prevalence of two different and distinctly separate groups of students: those who embrace their education w...

Staff Stance: You Say You Want a Revolution…

April 21, 2011

Early last year, we wrote a StaffStance on the importance of rebellion. Now, it seems, we have the opportunity to watch those same themes play out in front of our very eyes. The Tunisian revolts back in January sparked a chain...

One “Like” Too Many

April 21, 2011

How the modern age has made information easily accessible to anyone Why is there such a stigma against Facebook stalking? Let’s face it: I stalk, you stalk, we all stalk. And I don’t believe people who say that they don...

When Time-Turners Fail

April 21, 2011

Kay offers alternate ways to fit reading into the schedule “Twitter means the end of the novel!” “The internet has destroyed our attention spans!” “Today’s children don’t read books!” We’ve all heard these apocal...

Staff Stance: Home Economics vs. Feminis – An Uneasy Union

February 24, 2011

Ask a Hockadaisy to graph the inverse of any given function and she won’t have a problem, but ask one to hem her skirt or change a flat tire and she will likely return nothing more than a bewildered stare. For a school that sit...

Rethinking the JRP

February 23, 2011

After writing the notorious junior research paper, junior Megan says, “It’s not so bad” JRP:a noun, a verb, an acronym for the Junior Research Paper; or, the most common meaning, the worst part of the year for Hockaday Juni...

The Upside of Exams

The Upside of Exams

January 23, 2011

The official student newspaper of the Hockaday School