Feminist Fashion



This store, run by two women from Brooklyn, used to operate on Etsy, but it has become so popular that they had to move to their own domain. The popular shop is known for their tees that display embroidered messages that call attention to feminist principles or issues facing women. My personal favorite tee message is “Pizza > Patriarchy.” However, my favorite thing about the brand is that a portion of all proceeds go to the National Organization for Women (NOW). So you can look good and do good.


If you want to get up close and personal with your feminist fashion, think THINX. The brand offers a pretty revolutionary product: period-proof underwear. That’s right! underwear that means no tampons and no pads. The brand offers a variety of undie-options, including a thong, boyshort, and high-waisted. They even offer leak-proof leotards. The different cuts of underwear offer different levels of period protection, but are all reusable. The company runs on a buy-one, give-one model similar to TOMS that aims to fund its foundation, the THINX Foundation. The foundation aims to provide a safe space for girls to learn about their bodies and menstruation in areas where these subjects often go undiscussed. The foundation also provides hygenic products to women around the world in order to allow girls to go to school during their periods and continue receiving an education.


Design studio and store Otherwild is the creative brand that came up with the t-shirts you’ve seen on every celebrity on Instagram that bears the slogan “The Future is Female.” The shirt not only looks good, but promotes real change. 25% of the proceeds from each shirt is donated to Planned Parenthood, showing the shirt really practices what it preaches.

NYLON x Prrrl

This item from the NYLON Shop and Prrrl is not only pretty, but also packs a punch. The cuff comes in two statements, “Pussy Power,” and “The Future Is Female,” and has NYLON stamped on the inside. My personal favorite thing about the jewelry piece is that 100% of the proceeds are donated monthly to different women’s health organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the Black Women’s Health Imperative. So if you like statement jewelry that really makes a statement, I reccommend investing is this bracelet.

Planned Parenthood Store

If you believe in accessible healthcare for women and love fashion, this might become your new favorite store. The online store helps fund PP by selling clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. The clothes are cute, well-designed, but most importantly, go towards supporting a cause that supports women.

The Reformation

This online shop is the intersection of feminist and eco-friendly fashion. Reformation puts sustainablity ahead of all else in their business model. Their factories use the most efficient and eco-friendly practices in the business. The company invests in green building infrastructure to minimize waste, water, and energy footprints. By providing on-the-job training and opportunities for growth, The Reformation invests in the people who work for them. Currently the shop is selling a line of “Action Tees.” For every tee purchased, $30 will go to either the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or EDF. If you like your feminism to intersect with environmentalism, this might be a great place for you to shop.

Ashlynn Long – Asst. Views Editor –