Meet the New Student Council!


President: Samantha Watson

Ahead of the installation, get to know the new members of Stuco 2017-18! We asked them what they want to accomplish next year and for one fun fact about themselves.

Photo Credits: Shreya Gunukula and Amanda Kim



What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I’m so excited to be serving as Student Council President next year! I know that all of the elected representatives are also thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to serve the Upper School as Student Council members.  As a council, we will work to promote collaboration between the different boards that represent varying sectors of Upper School life, including athletics and the fine arts. Most importantly, we hope that the work of the Executive Council will celebrate the unique talents and passions of all students while also bringing us closer together as an Upper School family.

One fun fact?

My birthday only comes every 4 years because it’s on Leap Day!



What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I want to facilitate the club process, encourage my peers to join lesser known clubs, and prep students for the club fair through a “club menu.” This will be a list of clubs emailed before club fair with a short blurb underneath detailing what the club is about, the “ingredients,” as well as the time commitment, the “price.”  Furthermore, I want to discourage clubs from holding their meetings the last week of the quarter, which both benefits me and club leaders, through incentives such as food.

One fun fact?

My parents went to court to legally change my name from “Zasca Aisha Nyndita” to “Zasca-aisha Nyndita Ristianto” because my preschool teacher thought that it was weird that I didn’t have the same last name as my parents.



What do you hope to accomplish as Treasurer?

I hope that I can bring more international perspective into student council this year, and contribute my ideas to administration as a representative of the student body. I also hope to have a clear idea of the budget and manage the spending so we can have the most fun regardless of any budget limitations. I also just generally hope to have tons of fun with the new council because we have a great group of people this year.

What is one fun fact about you?

Hockaday is my 8th school.



What do you hope to accomplish as Secretary?

As secretary, I hope to not only take notes at the meetings, but also take part in discussion and contribute my ideas. I’m also excited to help plan super fun stuco events like the fall mixer and next year’s winter formal!

What is one fun fact about you?

I live next door to my cousins


Academic Council President: ELIZABETH GUO

What do you hope to accomplish as Academic Council President?

Next year, I hope to launch the peer tutoring program which we’ve been working on planning this year. We would set up a system where students who have taken the class can help students who are in the class. We also want to continue Hockatalks, JRP panel and managing summer reading.

What is one fun fact about you?

I have read the entire Harry Potter series four times.


Athletic Board Chair: CAMPBELL SWANGO

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I want to encourage school spirit through pep rallies and sporting events.

One fun fact?

I have hiked Mount Kilimanjaro.


Community Service Board Chair: SHREYA GUNUKULA

What do you hope to accomplish as chair?

In general, community service is a huge part of Hockaday and we have never lacked excitement for giving back to both the people in our lives and those we have never met. As chair, I want to continue encouraging that spirit, but also emphasize the importance of service learning. At the end of the day, I don’t just want people to go out and volunteer at an event; I want them to come back and change their lives because of it.

One fun fact?

I have watched all the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy currently on Netflix at least four times.


Convocations Board Chair: KALEIGH BEACHMAN

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I want to make assemblies something to look forward to and a valuable use of our time together! I hope to make assemblies and gatherings interesting, fun and a great learning experience.

One fun fact?

To relax, I love watercolor painting!


Cornerstones Co-Editors in Chief: CLAIRE JURGENSMEYER and MICHELLE MANKOFF

What do you hope to accomplish as Cornerstones editor?

Claire: As Cornerstones editor, I hope to feature as many different students as possible so that in the future, they can look back at the yearbook and remember all of their favorite memories.

Michelle: As a cornerstone editor I hope I can capture every moment during the school year and make a book everyone keeps for years to come.

One fun fact?

Claire: I drink a glass (or more) of unsweetened tea every day at lunch.

Michelle: All the members at Ku (sushi and Japanese food) know my name.


Fine Arts Board Chair: GENNY WOOD

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

My goals for next year’s Fine Arts Board are ensuring that each fine artist gets the recognition they deserve and pulling off the greatest ISAS Hockaday has ever seen.

One fun fact?

I can play several tunes, such as “When the Saints Go Marching In,” on the harmonica.


Honor Council President: OLIVIA NAIDU

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

One of my goals as president is to work with the faculty in order to help students feel more comfortable approaching teachers when they are stressed out because honor council violations generally arise when there is a lack of communication between the student and the teacher.

One fun fact?

I have two older sisters and they were also on the honor council at their high schools.


Student Relations Board Chair: CAMRYN DIXON

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I want to make all the grades interact more and create more opportunities for form points and fun competitions throughout the year.

One fun fact?

I have a complicated relationship with cheese.


Technology Board Chair: AMANDA JIN

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I hope to make technology as easy as possible for everyone. In order to do so, I will work on finding more efficient and cool technologies that can help people to communicate and print better. I also want to make helping desk a less “scary” place so that people feel comfortable of going up there.

One fun fact?

I don’t experience jet lag.


Vibrato Co-Editor in Chief: CLAIRE MARUCCI

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

As a Vibrato editor, I hope to design a magazine with a creative and innovative layout and feature diverse pieces of art, literature, and photography.

One fun fact?

I’ve never had soda.


Vibrato Co-Editor in Chief: PAYTON HART

What do you hope to accomplish next year?

I want to foster a supportive community of staff members that feel comfortable with sharing their opinions about the magazine.

Fun Fact?

I wore light up shoes to JSB.


Student Diversity Board Chair: ANDEN SUAREZ

What do you hope to accomplish as SDB chair?

One of my main goals as Student Diversity Board chair is to make our board more involved in student life and more accessible on a daily basis, beyond our three student forums. I plan on emphasizing the importance of intersectionality and diverse perspectives to continue to empower the student body to engage in productive, respectful discourse. By providing brave spaces and encouraging cultural competency, I hope to ultimately foster a culture in the Upper School that continues to produce passionate, empowered, and global-minded individuals.

What is one fun fact about you?

I first identified as a feminist in second grade at hockaday, after learning about the wage gap at school one day. I was so passionate about it that I dedicated my page in the second grade’s “Book of Big Dreams” to the issue.

Fourcast Editor-in-Chief: AURELIA HAN

What do you hope to accomplish as Fourcast editor?

I hope to lead The Fourcast in creating another year’s worth of papers that inform and inspire the Hockaday community. As editor, I want to bring something fresh to the paper but also build on the amazing work that Jenny and the rest of the staff accomplished this year. I’m so excited!

What is one fun fact about you?

My dog is 19 years old and still going strong!

– Amanda Kim – Managing Editor & Shreya Gunukula – Video Editor –